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DEI Training Programs

Unconscious Bias

Ascension Worldwide’s Unconscious Bias Awareness Training provides participants the skills and language they need to mitigate their biases and have meaningful conversations with their colleagues, supervisors, and direct reports. Additionally, participants will develop an awareness of how first impressions can lead to biased decision making in the workplace and techniques to interrupt that process. Participants will learn practical tools they can use when making decisions about teams, promotions, hiring, and annual reviews.

Engage in Dialogue

Ascension Worldwide’s How to Engage in Courageous Conversations Around DEI is a facilitated workshop designed to create a safe space for participants to practice communication skills around difficult topics such as diversity, equity, race, sexual orientation, belonging, generational issues and accessibility. The course will equip participants with the safe language they need to have meaningful and productive conversations with their colleagues, supervisors, and direct reports. This course will give participants an increased comfort level discussing controversial topics that can polarize workplace culture. Participants will learn techniques they can apply to challenging workplace discussions particularly when making decisions and advocating for others.

Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive culture starts with an inclusive leader. Ascension Worldwide’s The Inclusive Leader training provides leaders at all levels, from CEOs to newly promoted managers the tools they need to be more inclusive. Based upon Ascension Worldwide’s ECO Model®, this training helps leaders master the six inclusive leadership characteristics that impact relationships, mitigate groupthink and foster inclusion across their organization. The course uses proven practices in Emotional Intelligence to build upon unconscious bias training and improve business outcomes.

Belonging Culture

Without belonging, diversity and inclusion will not succeed. Ascension Worldwide’s Creating a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace course prepares participants with the skills and tools they need to change their workplace culture into one which welcomes all viewpoints, ideas, and cultures. Participants will learn the importance of how belonging can trump psychological needs, including safety and security. Participants will also learn the concepts of Bridging and Bonding and how to create an atmosphere that welcomes all viewpoints and cultures into an organization. Participants will come away from the course with tools and techniques they can immediately use in their teams and departments.


As companies increase their employee diversity there will be more challenges that occur. Many of the challenges will come from micro-behaviors, subtle verbal and non-verbal gestures which can be interpreted in a number of different ways. They include things like our posture, tone of voice, gestures, and the words we use. Sometimes this can lead to fatigue by minority populations who have to constantly explain about their culture. Fear and avoidance of race conversations can also lead to micro-behaviors. Without an awareness of micro-behaviors workplace belonging is impossible. This training equips participants with the language and skills they need to tackle these problems. Participants will learn how to have dialogue and diffuse potential micro-behaviors before they start. Participants will leave the course with an action plan to integrate these skills into their daily lives.

Cultural Intelligence

Marketplace changes have had a huge impact on the ever-changing face of the workplace. Organizations are no longer bound by strict geographical limitations to find new talent and are becoming increasingly international. This increase in remote working comes with unprecedented challenges but also great opportunities. The term ‘culture’ refers to many layers within an organization as every individual, team, department and office location will have their own culture and ways of working. This may sometimes cause conflict or friction and can impact productivity, level of service, employee engagement and even your brand and reputation. Cultural Intelligence training can help organizations navigate the new professional landscape with confidence and ease. Using the frameworks from the International Conflict Style Inventory® (ICS®) and the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) this training will help participants gain a deep understanding of their organizational culture as well as their own cultural conflict style.


Sometimes senior-level leaders need additional D&I support and guidance. Using Ascension Worldwide proprietary and proven methodologies, coaching enables clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, find their “North Star” as a leader, increase communication effectiveness, and confidently lead large teams, divisions, and projects.

DEI Assessments

We partner with clients to collect pertinent D&I data from your business units and department, use our expertise to analyze the info and then suggest a course of action that furthers your diversity and inclusion initiatives and develops a clear path for success. Our Assessment approach is a great first start for those organizations starting their D&I journey.


Corporate retreats allow leaders and employees to gain a new perspective on their business vision and role in their company’s growth. Ascension Worldwide retreats are experiential and impactful on a personal and professional level. Our retreats offer opportunities for leaders and employees to unplug, recharge and re-engage with purpose, passion and greater performance. Our retreats also challenge leaders and employees to have impact in work and in life.


For HR professionals and DEI executives who need systemic and impactful change in their organizations, our cultural intelligence and change management services provide the language and skills needed to engage in courageous conversation and create meaningful integration.

Our systematic, innovative, and research-driven approach provides greater employee satisfaction and retention in the organization, as well as improved psychological safety for both individual contributors and leaders.
Unlike our competitors who primarily offer “check the box” solutions and regulatory training, we focus on holistic culture change and partner with our clients, offering customized solutions and proven results.


At Ascension Worldwide we believe:


Under the right set of circumstances every employee has tremendous potential

Leadership drives company culture and company culture drives organizational results

Organizational systems drive inclusion

Courageous conversations create stronger bonds

Belonging doesn't just happen it's intentional

Core Values

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When people feel connected they thrive.


We connect with everyone from leaders to individual contributors to ensure that they have the tools necessary to create change.


We leverage quantitative and qualitative data to systematically develop strategies that increase our client’s  return on investment (ROI).


We create custom solutions to meet our client’s unique diversity, equity, and inclusion needs.


Everyone should have the ability to show up uniquely.


We invest in fully understanding our clients and their individual journeys.