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Cultural Integration

What Makes Us Different

Ascension Worldwide’s Cultural Integration experience is a series of training programs that equip participants with the valuable skills necessary to transform a culture where employees are seen, heard, and supported.

It promotes acculturation versus assimilation—allowing employees to show up in their authentic selves, instead of being forced to adapt to a company culture. It also cultivates a culture of increased performance and where ideas are shared without fear of reprisal. It offers innovative strategies, language, system thinking concepts, and skillsets to help create an environment where not just some, but ALL employees can belong.

Often organizations pay little attention to creating the right company cultural and thus struggle to hire great talent or they lose high performing employees to attrition or competitors. Without the right company culture, employees also check out mentally—and “quietly quit” leading to huge loses of productivity.

We live in a time where employee engagement is of critical, especially when most organizations are moving to all-hybrid work environments. In addition, the War for Talent continues in most industries. Employers are struggling to keep good talent and create environments where all feel a sense of belonging.

AWW’s Cultural Integration solves these problems by giving participants paradigm shifting experiences that may it easy to apply what they have learned in the program. Rooted in change management, participants learn how to apply skills through the five principles of the Ascension Worldwide CARDS Model:

  • Curiosity
  • Awareness
  • Rituals and artifacts
  • Drivers
  • Systems

If your organization is struggling to keep a cohesive workplace culture, going through a restructure, or merger and acquisition, losing great talent to your competitors, or discovering employees have been “quietly quitting,” let’s discuss how we can customize a program to meet your needs.

Core Values

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When people feel connected they thrive.


We connect with everyone from leaders to individual contributors to ensure that they have the tools necessary to create change.


We leverage quantitative and qualitative data to systematically develop strategies that increase our client’s  return on investment (ROI).


We create custom solutions to meet our client’s unique diversity, equity, and inclusion needs.


Everyone should have the ability to show up uniquely.


We invest in fully understanding our clients and their individual journeys.

Our Impact


Individuals supported on their DEI Journey


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